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 If you love your Edge Products as much as we love ours, you might want to let us know. Just e-mail a brief description why you like your brackets along with a few pictures of your choice, make sure to include your bike model and first name. . Please send your e-mails to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Some of our Happy Customers

 Your company is the real deal! The brackets arrived and I could not make them work, then you shipped me the adaptors that are needed for my 05 Sportster. Now I have the look that I was going for, the bags are removable and everything was completed at a cost that HD could not get near with bags that I did not even like. I enclosed a picture of the bike with the Auburn bags and Edge Brackets installed.

Thanks for your help.
Ben Adler
Lake in the Hills, IL

 Thanks a million!. This solved all my problems with saddle bags. The brackets fit like a glove with the slide adjustment. Went on in less than 20 minutes. Very clean install. You should be in more bike dealerships. If people see it they will buy it. Have a great day.


 I had purchased Easy Brackets for my saddlebags mounted on my 2003 Fatboy. From that first run I took the bags rubbed on the frame and wore the paint right off. Man I was so disappointed!!!!. The angle on the Easy Brackets don’t keep the bags away from the frame. I met Greg from Edge Brackets at the Holister rally and he showed me the difference in the angle and how much easier they are to put on and take off. Greg had the Edge Brackets installed on the spot. You can see from the pictures how big of a difference it makes, I’m Sold!!!

Thanks Edge Brackets!
Dale Smith,
Union City Ca

 The bike is called Dinah Might modeled after the nose art on my dad's B-29 from WWII - the crew photo is self explanatory. I wanted to honor my Dad and his crew and celebrate the fact that my Dad won a Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) - it's on the front fender of the bike. My dad never talked about the medal - we never knew what it was until after he died and we got his service records from Washington.

When I was 11or 12, I found the medal with a few others in a cigar box in the basement in my dad's workshop. I asked him if he was a hero and said "no, they gave those medals to everyone - the heroes are the guys who didn't come home". That's all he ever said about winning the medal first awarded to Charles Lindberg. I later found out the DFC is ranks just behind the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Silver Star - awards for individual heroism in combat.

Thank You!
Tom Basinski

 When I picked up a 2003 Dyna Wide Glide this year I had no idea how much trouble it would be to find "under seat" saddle bags to fit her. Seems that finding large enough bags to fit the small area between the springs, turn signals and exhaust is a huge problem for this model Harley. I did find some small, under seat style bags that looked terrible when I put them on so I returned them.

I was frustrated to say the least and then I came across "Edge Brackets". Greg (a G. B. rep) not only hooked me up with the brackets but also hooked me up with the turn signal relocation and these kicking looking soft leather saddle bags. As you can tell from my pics you will NEVER get this kind of look on your bike with the conventional throw over / under seat style bags and when the bags are off the bike looks tight!! You don’t have those ugly bag brackets protruding in the rear.

Thanks to Greg and Edge Brackets I’m ready for the road!
SLC Utah

 Thanks for all the information on the Edge Brackets.  I’ve attached several pictures of the brackets installed on my bike with Willie & Max Slanted Fleet Side Bags.  Installation was simple.  They sit nice and close to the fender bracket.  With the way the XL1200C fender brackets taper from the front of the bike to the rear I found that inverting one of the bracket bushings helped a great deal.  It kept the bracket close to the rail and helped reduce the number of flat washers used.

Here’s a little story you might find interesting…After installing the brackets and bags I went to my local Harley Dealer (Motor City Harley – Farmington, MI).  I was trying to find caps to cover the openings from the directional indicator.  I was at the parts department and over-heard the parts guy telling someone that Harley doesn’t make Quick Release Detachable bags for Sportsters.  While I was in the parking lot that customer came out and I called her over to show her my set of Edge Brackets and had her scribbling your website down in no time flat.  At that time one of the sales staff came out and did a double take when I quickly removed the bag.  He came over to take a look to and was impressed.  He took the website name down, too – he was interested in them for his Soft Tail.  My dad also got them right after me and he loves them, too.

Thanks for the great product – it really helps make cycling more enjoyable.

Brian Beals

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