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  EDGE™ Products Overview arrow FAQs arrow What is TEK leather and how is it different from Full Grain Leather?
What is TEK leather and how is it different from Full Grain Leather? PDF Print E-mail

TEK leather (technical leather) is a high durability, leather-like material. It is NOT Vinyl!

TEK Leather is designed specifically for the outdoors and for automotive applications, with a high level of utilization and element resistance.

Unlike vinyl, it has no soft material backing and no die color coating. When it is manufactured, it uses a complete color throughout process. That means it will never fade or discolor.

Durability is its most significant advantage over Full Grain Leather products. Unlike Full Grain Leather, TEK requires virtually no maintenance, is highly resistant to scratches, and keeps its great look for years.

Not only is TEK Leather much more durable, it looks like real leather. Most people, even professionals that have been in the motorcycle industry for years, cannot differentiate Full Grain Leather from TEK. In fact, even people that are in the leather business often confuse the two because TEK Leather can only be distinguished from real leather by touch and smell, never by appearance.

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